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How our service is being used

With Dissertation Mentor, our only goal is to meet your requirements and provide you with our best assistance. This means that our company specialises in all kinds of dissertations, whether they are dissertations, assignments, research papers, etc. We offer 100% original works, written by our professional writers, to meet customer requirements.

Ordering Process

Our ordering process is very simple, you need to fill in the necessary information and name the important information you want in the project.

Our team will send you a confirmation message and then demand payment before we start working on your project.


After you place an order on our website, we will calculate the payment for your product. We will send you a payment request, you can use our different payment methods to transfer the payment to our account

Fulfillment of order

After your order is completed, we will send it to you for approval.


If you agree to the terms, you agree to the following:
You have accepted our terms and conditions.
You pay us before we start performing your task.
All your work will be done by our professional writers.